May 302010

£13.00 for a 3 courses lunch

Wasnt quite sure about it until I read this from their site
‘who formerly worked with Vito at the Bath Priory and was Head Chef at the Olive Tree’

so we decied to drive 30 mins to give it a try.
You know, Priory and Olive Tree? cant go wrong !
£13 cant go wrong

First step in, wow ! I thought we went into a wrong restaurant – fine dining decorated with relax atmosphere.
As you walk in further, wow ! again was really impress by the selection of wine they have.

The waiter was nice and friendly even we get there at 1.45pm (they close at 2pm, we call them said we were lost in Trowbridge, they kindly wait for us) It wasnt busy as expected there were 2 tables, 10 people in total was enjoying their meal.

We were given a set lunch menu with a variety of choice – ristto, ravioli, fish and beef.
I started with beans salad The balsamic was just right balancing with bean and salad dressing ! My boyfriend soup is not just a tiny bowl but a proper adult portion. Not just the portion right, also the taste ! Ihad ristto as main and he orderd the tagliatelle.
You can tell by the taste of just a little cherry tomato, its fresh and ripe. The fresh basil obviously enhance the whole dish. I dont like the ristto wet normally but this one I dont mind ! even it is a little bet wet, it still taste perfect.

The nougat dessert with good quality cherry end the show perfectly ! Not any cheap forzen dessert you always get from the restaurant but a home made one. Cherry wasnt those any glazed coloured cherry but make a good combination together.

I was also impressed by the tidyness of the washroom. well somehow, they used to work in a high standard venue.

Well done Vito !

If you love food and authentic Italian, Red or White is hte one for you. It worth those 12 miles drive for a lovely meal like this.

What a shame we were drving and havent got a chance to taste any wine.

Dec 312009

After deciding not to wait 40 minutes to get into Jamie Oliver’s Italian, we decided to give the Moon and Sixpence a try. After its recent refurbmishment the Moon is now divided into a downstairs restaurant (much bigger than it was) and an upstairs bar that serves food. We went for the latter, and were not disappointed. The food, burger and fries, frittata and mushroom risotto was absolutely lovely. The service was polite and friendly without being over-attentive, and the bar itself was great, comfortable warm, and lots of glass giving a nice view of the activity in Milsom Place. There was also a terrace for al fresco enjoyment when the weather improves.

Cost was less than £50 with drinks for lunch for three.

On the whole a very nice experience, which we are looking to repeat soon, though maybe we’ll try the main restaurant with its slightly different and more expansive menu.

Jul 162009
Jamies Italian Restaurant in Bath - The Terrace

Jamies Italian Restaurant in Bath - The Terrace

The general opinion amongst the locals is that Jamie Oliver’s Bath Restaurant is still a good thing. Standards are not quite as high as when it first opened, however things are still more than good enough. We visited a few days ago to check it out and on the whole we were happy. The breads were not quite as stunning as they were back in October, but the salads and pastas were fine – well up to standard. The staff were enthusiastic and efficient, and we also discovered that there is a small roof terrace upstairs.

Note that the popularity of the restaurant and the fact that small parties of less than 8 people cannot book means that queues continue to be an issue. Unusually when we visited we headed straight in, but that was just after noon on a Sunday.