Jul 102010

The Guardian has come up with its list of the best 10 budget eateries in Bath. It is an intruiging list, with the emphasis on quality as well as value. Here it is:

Best of British Deli

Best of British Deli – Sandwiches from £2.50; slice of quiche £3.25

The Porter – Sandwiches £4.25; mains from £6.25

The Whole Bagel – Bagels from £2.50

The Fine Cheese Co – Sandwiches £3.75; mains from £6.95

The Real Italian Ice Cream Co – Cones from £1.80; crepes from £3.95

Same, Same But Different – Tapas £4-£5; mains from £7.25

The Raven – Pie, mash, gravy, £8.20; other food from £4.10

Yak Yeti Yak – Set menu, vegetarian £10.50, meat £12

  2 Responses to “Top 10 budget eats in Bath”

  1. One of the 10, The Bath Sausage Shop, closed in 2014 after 20 years of trading.

  2. Great list with some of my favourites – The Raven is a classic and The Fine Cheese Co and The Sausage Shop are great places to get top quality ingredients.

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