Jun 062010
Hall and Woodhouse - First floor dining area

Hall and Woodhouse - First floor dining area

Hall and Woodhouse - Ground Floor

Hall and Woodhouse - Ground Floor

Hall and Woodhouse - Copper vestibule for the loos

Hall and Woodhouse - Copper vestibule for the loos

Hall and Woodhouse Restaurant and Bar
1 Old King Street

Tel: 01225 469259

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  6 Responses to “Hall and Woodhouse”

  1. Having had the misfortune to have eaten in a number of hall and Woodhouse establishments over the years I am ASTONISHED that they have never rectified the problems with their overpriced, ill conceived, totally inconsistent standards of food preparation and service. The ambiance is usually up to the mark and the staff are welcoming and friendly, but, I have never had a good meal in any of their establisments except for one. There MUST be someone at the top who has concerns about the standards of food service as it is the main reason people visit their establishments but as the problem has been manifest for at least 8 years CONSISTENTLY you have to wonder. Their food managers couldn’t possibly be doing their jobs properly and it is equally impossible to ignore the MULTITUDE of bad reviews by locals and visitors alike. Come on Hall and Woodhouse and step up to the mark. Begin producing the kind of food that you pay lip service to and get it right CONSISTENTLY !

  2. Decor and ambience impressive . Service adequate [ … wine order ” lost ” ] . Food for 5 ranged from poor to just ok and all expensive for what it was … and wasn’t . You only have one chance to make a first impression and it was not good ! lunch oct 1

  3. We ate at Hall & Woodhouse last night with two friends. There was a fantastic atmosphere and although you could hear the buzz from the downstairs bar it did not disturb conversation across the dinner table upstairs.

    The design has been well thought out, with a sweeping staircase to the upstairs restaurant, chandeliers and tasteful decorations. Downstairs has shelves packed with rows of querky products from Spam and Oxo’s, to Golden syrup!

    We had a very nice waiter and although very busy was very attentive. The food was amazing as was the service. I had pork pate with fig marmelade to start. There was so much pate I asked to take the remainder home, which turned up at the table in a very nice glass jar with a clip lid!

    Our bill came to £100. Four of us had two courses with drinks. It’s very good value for money and would recommend anyone to get themselves down there. Make sure you book, it’s very popular!

  4. Went there on Saturday afternoon with a dozen friends from 39 years ago at Bath University – all on the same course – Electrical & Electronic Engineering. What a great atmoshere and wonderful service all round. We met and indulged about as many current MBA students now studying at the same place. We even took photos of each other to share on the website (http://www.finefix.co.uk). Lots more was done on the Day in Bath including a River trip, a curry and a visit to a proper CAMRA pub. Having said that the Badgers beer was fine at this place and it is all clean, new and lively. Will try the Restaurant in a few months when they have had time to practice their cooking skills.

  5. I have to say that my visit to Hall & Woodhouse was very disappointing. Poor service, indifferent menu, average food and exorbitant prices. I ordered an egg mayonaisse sandwich. It was described on the menu as ‘Proper Egg Mayonaisse’. The sandwich arrived on a large enamel plate (all part of the rather self conscious retro branding) with some limp and inedible lettice garnish. Nothing else. Just two thick slices of ordinary brown bread with a rather mean filling of (proper?) egg mayonaisse. The price? £6.50. My fellow diners had an equally underwhelming selection of sandwiches, the worst of which are the flat bread type since they are even less impressive and even more overpriced. The service was slow; the chips (skinny chips which were even more hideos than McDonalds) arrived some time later and not with the sandwiches. The soft drinks on offer were all from bottles – nothing fresh. The location is interesting but they are going to have to get the important things right – food, value for money and service. I will certainly not go back and I was advise others to proceed with caution. Definitely a case of style over substance ….

  6. We had dinner last night at Hall & Woodhouse. The new decor is very impressive and the staff friendly and helpful. We opted for a light dinner of the blue cheese/pear salad and the fish pie. The salad had a very strange taste and was topped with sun dried tomatoes which did not go with the other tastes at all. The fish pie was overcooked and did not live up to its billing on the menu. Although they have just opened this company’s experience with other restaurants and hotels should result in top quality fare. The drinks menu is very reasonable and a good variety. There is a good buzz about the place but in order for it to get repeat business from Bath locals it will have to significantly improve its food.

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